Kiteboarding Etiquette

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Kiteboarding Etiquette

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Since Fall is finally here and it windy just about everyday, I thought I'd share an old article on Kiteboarding Etiquette.
Everything in this article has relevance to our kite spots but a few things that have happened and were complained about were the following: ... teboarder/

- When kiting around surfers, do not take their waves, spray them or kite around them like birds of pray. They get very nervous when we kite around them and we might spray them without even realizing it. This gives kiters a bad rep. They have all heard the story of that one kiter who ran into a surfer and sent him to the hospital. If anyone knows of this story, feel free to elaborate.

- Crowding other kiters. Not just surfers like their space but kiters do too. If you are hovering next to the pier, make sure you are not too close to other kiters downwind and leave them enough space transition near the beach before they come back.

These are the only two breaches of etiquette I have noticed this year but feel free to chime in if it's something we can learn from...
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