Line Adjustment & Kite Size

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Line Adjustment & Kite Size

Post by Thor1 »

Thought I'd see if anyone has insight on this... I was flying an 8m today and didn't feel like it was quite right. Came in and switched to a 6m and the kite was back stalling right out of the gate. I adjusted the outside lines, put the kite back up and everything was spot on.
Being that moving down a size, the line adjustment issues were more evident, should you be making small line adjustments for every kite size? Anyone have prefered methods? I know Greg with BRM has knot adjustments for kite sizes and it kind of makes sense, I think. In my opinion adjusting your lines for wind speed messes with the performance of your kite (switch your kite out), so I'm not talking about adjusting for wind speed. I ride neos with 22m lines, if that matters. :lol:

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Re: Line Adjustment & Kite Size

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What does your knot settings look like on the 6 compared to the 8? if your lines are not stretched it could be that your outside kite knots could be sitting lower or higher, or possibly the center lines? I actually had to put an extra knot on my 12m because it was back stalling. Same bar and lines worked perfect on my 8m though. Hope this Helps Chris.

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Re: Line Adjustment & Kite Size

Post by tyedye »

Hey Chris,

Assuming you're flying only 6m and 8m Neo's and not another brand, it sounds like your backlines are shorter than your front lines on your bar. If this is the case, they either have been stretched or shrunken. If they are prestretched lines, then they shouldn't stretch. Once the waxy lining has been worn away on your lines, it is very easy for sand to enter the line weave and shrink your lines. This will eventually happen to everyone with conventional lines if you rig over sand and drag your lines. The solution is to either restretch you lines to the proper length or add pigtails to even out the lines. If you change a knot on your kite, you'll have to do that with every kite you fly and you'll never know the exact position to put the knot because it will keep changing. The way I delay the inevitable is with line wax that I keep stocked with me everytime I go kiting. Also, avoid dragging your lines through the sand, wind up your lines every time you need to walk with your kite or if you're not using it so others don't step on your lines and definitely don't leave you lines loose near the waters edge where the water can reach them. If you need some line wax and someone to show you how to adjust your bar properly, let me know.

Here are some more useful tips to making your kite lines last longer: ... ast-longer

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