Study: Kitesurfing Injuries

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Study: Kitesurfing Injuries

Post by Liqui »

*Adele Voice* Hello from the other siiiiide!

I am currently running a survey concerning injuries in kitesurfing, influenced by material development and modern safety devices and I am still looking for participants who are willing to answer my really short questionnaire. The study aims for acquiring my masters degree at Kiel University, Germany, so its really important to me (and science of course)!!

As I experienced Americans to be extremely helpful I have big hopes in you guys!
You will find the survey, including an english version via:

If you have any comments on the language used in the questionnaire (because I am obviously not a native english speaker), feel free to comment this post!
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Re: Study: Kitesurfing Injuries

Post by tyedye »

Sounds like an interesting study. I'll share the link with the Chicago area community. I'd like to know how it turns out. I'll email you for the results!
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