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The Montrose Captain of the Guard has brought this to my attention and I told him I’d spread the word.

Apparently someone..... possibly with an orange & white kite.... was kiting the puddles (flooding on the beach) recently, on a day when there were other people around using the beach. Seeing this as unsafe, one of the lifeguards approached the kiter and asked him several times to stop, but the kiter ignored the lifeguard completely. The lifeguard called the captain and the kiter paid no mind to the captain's requests either, as he continued on, even jumping the handicap walk.

While the captain was on the topic, he let me know that on a separate occasion, there was a girl practicing alone and body dragging in the puddles, pretty close to the rock wall.

I’m told the next time a kiter ignores the request of a lifeguard, the police will be called. This is not cool guys & girls! Our access there is a privilege, not a right. Police involvement will definitely get the wrong kind of attention!

Please don’t be the person who ruins it for all of us. If a lifeguard asks you to stop, please oblige politely. If you see someone doing this sort of unsafe behavior, please tell them to stop. The agreement with the park district is that we will self-police, so please do your part when there.

As a kiting community, we have worked extremely hard to regain and keep our only Chicago access. If you see someone blatantly disrespecting the rules or the lifeguards and you do nothing, you are as guilty as the person who’s making that mistake. We have a shared responsibility here, so step up!

Also, if you do not hold the required certification, please do not kite Montrose.

If you need certification, I’m glad to help get you there.

See ya on the beach!!
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