Waukegan Saturday - 10/8

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Waukegan Saturday - 10/8

Postby lilguyp » Mon Oct 10, 2005 12:42 pm

I was up at Waukegan mid to late afternoon on Saturday. I saw a few people out on the water as well as some windsurfers. I'm still new but wasbgetting pretty confident after lessons w/ Broneah and a summer of on and off kite practice and body dragging (did some board starts too)

I've got a 12M and a 17M. I took the 12 with me on Saturday and it kicked my ass up and down the beach - I did have some really fun (in control) body dragging sessions. My question is, was the 12m too big for Saturdays wind @ Waukegan- it sure felt like it. I had a really hard time controlling the kite on the beach - it was wipping me around pretty good. I'm guessing the wind was 20mph on Saturday?? I've got a wind meter on order, I'm sure that'll help me out in the future.

If any of you were out at Waukegan this past Sat. afternoon, please let me know what size kite you were using and what the wind was.

I'm still learning

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Postby jarch » Mon Oct 10, 2005 1:17 pm

I was at Waukegan on Saturday morning from 9:30 to noon. I weigh 185 pounds and rode my 19m for about 30 minutes. Then the wind picked up and I rode my 15m. I'm not sure how the wind was there in the afternoon, but I rode Montrose in the afternoon on my 19m well powered. I would think that a beginner would have had their hands full with a 12m at Waukegan in the afternoon. If you're feeling overpowered, you can pull in your depower strap all the way to take all the power out of the kite. You can also take more power out of the kite by attaching the front lines to a pigtail knot closest to the kite and the back lines to a pigtail knot furthest away from the kite. In addition, the beach is not a good place to fly your kite. Launch, keep the kite low towards the water, and get in the water as quickly as possible. As you get better and have more experience flying the kite, you will learn more control.
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