Slingshot Trim Settings

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Slingshot Trim Settings

Postby ChicagoKitesurfing » Fri Jul 18, 2003 7:42 am


Basically, if you oversheet the kite out (pull the bar all the way toward you effectively making the front lines too LONG), the kite will flare out as the rear lines get over-tensioned and it will choke, or stall, the kite. This setting should be known by all, and depending on your riding style (riding the knot, or sheeting completely out during a jump by sheeting the bar in) you can prevent stalling by setting max power at a decent flare, but not over-flared. No flaring basincally means the kite is depowered. If the canopy of the kite starts to flutter, that means you're depowering the kite too much or the wind is lulling.

By watching the kite and "knowing" it, you can really tune in to the power of the kite. These techniques can really be used for any kite on the market. Every kite will flare out at stall.
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