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Postby jjohnson » Fri Jan 09, 2004 2:14 pm


I am very new to the sport but would like to buy some equipment. I have come accross a deal on the web with the following for $730.00 Is this a good deal? I like my Liquid Force wakeboard but really don't know much about kiteboarding equip. Any help or suggestion are appreciated.

This Liquid Force Flight Kite & Board Package Includes

Liquid Force Flight Kite model 5.5 (7.5m2 actual size)
One set of Kite Bridles with your kite
Inflatable bladders for ease of water relaunch
One Hand Pump for inflating kite bladders
Convenient rip-stop Carry Bag for your kite
Liquid Force 65cm Control Bar
Wrist Leash (attached to control bar)
Harness Line (attached to control bar)
Leader Lines (attached to the bar)
KiteSurfing Lines (500lb Powerline x 30 meters)
Kite line winder for your powerline
Liquid Force Switch 185cm TwinTip Kiteboard
Complete set of kiteboard fins (with the board)
One Liquid Force Kiteboard Leash
Awesome Liquid Force Scandals Footstrap Bindings
Liquid Force Kite Harness
Stainless Steel Spreader Bar for your kiteharness
Instruction Manuals
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don't think so...

Postby V » Mon Jan 19, 2004 2:24 pm

Not for Chicago. A 6m kite would never be used unless you weigh 50lbs.

You could use it in the snow, maybe, on a higher wind day, but we usually stick with 8m as the smallest up to 18m on light days....

Last week it was 20-22mph and we were using 10s and 13s with the snowboards.
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