The new kitesurfing chick in Chicago

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The new kitesurfing chick in Chicago

Post by sl007 »

Hi! My name is Neda Auguste Astrauskas and I’m the newest kitesurfing chick in Chicago. I was born today, August 29, 2007, happy and strong (8lb 4oz and 21’). I’m ready to meet everybody on the water soon, do some sweet freestyle transitions, kick some big air jumps and to make my parents Ingrid & Ramunas very proud of ME. I would like to thank Aunt Sara and Uncle Jon for setting me up with the first kitesurfing outfit 8).


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Post by jarch »

YEEEEAHH!!! Nice outfit 8) 8) Congrats on the new arrival to the family. We missed you out on the water at Montrose tonight. Hope to see all three of you soon.

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Post by Gerard »

Congrats Ingrid and that you popped out the bambino for sure we'll start seeing you more while Ramunas has to breast feed her.


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Post by Chris »

I think that's one of the best posts I've seen since joining this forum. Congratulations to both of you and I can't wait to see you guys out on the water and meet the new arrival!

Matt P
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Post by Matt P »


Looks like she is already to hold a control bar.

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Post by Nygs »

Congrats Ingrid & Ramunas!

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Post by V »

Looks like she is already to hold a control bar.
Hilarious! She hangin' on for dear life, doin the unhooked kite loop!

So do they make that outfit in big guy sizes? Where can I get one to match my pink ZeroG!?!

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Post by nicole »

how cute! congratulations ingrid and ramunas!!!!

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Post by STF »

Congrats Ingrid and Ramunas!!!!! :!: :!: :!:

love how shes holding that invisible control bar :lol:

hope to see you both on the water soon


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Post by klatt »

Way to go. She'll be better that all of us in two years!

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