Mountainboard Modification Help

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Mountainboard Modification Help

Postby Grey » Sat May 01, 2004 8:42 pm


I have been mountainboarding on the beach for a couple of months, and I stumbled onto your page ( ... dmods.html ) . I am interested in doing this exact thing to my board, but I need more info, like:

How big are the new tires compared to the original tires? (They look like MBS's so I guess they could be the new 9"x2.5" they have out. Mongoose has the bigest tire available that I've found 10.5"x3", but I can't find what size axle they fit on). Whats the best place to get tires from online?

What was the original axle diameter (3/8" :?: ), and where can I get those spindle extensions??

Overall, were there any disadvantages after the conversion (ie. steering loss, loss in upwind ability, etc)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, because blazing down the beach at 25mph+ and hitting soft sand is one of the worst crashes to experience.
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Postby V » Mon May 03, 2004 8:57 am

THose were hand truck tires bought from Home Depot. 12" I believe and 3.5 inches wide. Makes a huge difference, but ultimately I decided to just ride grass since the wheel drag was still a pain to overcome. Riding grass is much more fun and faster, as well.

I had those custom machined from a buddy's machine shop. Our company develops cad/cam software, so I know 1000s of machine shop contacts. Called in a favor. I designed them myself.
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