Please watch this....It will save your LIFE.

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Please watch this....It will save your LIFE.

Post by Eric A. » Sun Dec 09, 2007 1:28 pm

Snowkite season on SAFE ice is about 3-4 weeks away.

In the meantime, watch will save your ass when and if you go in.....I have gone my waist and it is scary and extremelly shocking...especially locked into my bindings on my snowboard...with all my outerwear on...think about would you get out alone? And how would you help somewone who has fallen in with all of their kite gear on?

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Post by Bob » Mon Dec 10, 2007 2:38 pm


that's a great video and a must see for anyone riding on frozen lakes, etc.

last year, I put together a fairly complete winter riding section on our web site and we just updated it recently to include more and current info.

that same video is on the site under the safety section.

there's so many more variables in the winter to consider. if you or others have any other info or suggestions...please let me know and we can add the info.

thanks for posting that video and the ice picks.
madison, wi

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