Adjustable Footstraps

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Adjustable Footstraps

Postby ChicagoKitesurfing » Fri May 28, 2004 12:31 pm

Definitely a need! Especially living in a cold part. Much easier to just loosen up the velcro and make the opening wider to accomodate for a foot with booties or neo-socks on, instead of removing and manually adjusting the straps 5 times witha screwdriver until you get it right. With the velcro, you just put your foot in the strap with the bootie on, and adjust it until its right, then strap it down. Much easier.

However, riding in booties makes me feel like I'm riding on jelly. Landing big jumps with speed results in the booty moving off my foot quite a bit. Need to find something for that. My booties have a strap over the top, but I find it to be kinda difficult to get my foot in all the way since that strap gets in the way, especially since the adjustable footstraps on the board tend to "fall" when your foot slides out so there's always that annoying ridge...
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