Just a little secret to share

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Wind Whore
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Just a little secret to share

Post by West » Sat Oct 25, 2008 8:11 am

Anyone who has been kiting with me for awhile will know that I've got a spiritual side to me.........well about 10 days ago I got a package in the mail from my buddy Jerry down in Texas. He had sent me something that he thought I might be able to put to good use.

I opened the small envelope and 3 half-dollar sized rocks fell on the table....with a simple message enclosed...........BE CAREFUL THESE ARE FROM CORPUS!!!!!!!!!!

Make of it what you will, looks to be a windy fall. Never can pray enough!!! See you at the bottom.

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Post by Chris » Fri Oct 31, 2008 7:43 am

Was there anything else in the package?

Wind Whore
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Post by West » Sat Nov 01, 2008 8:31 am

Yeah Chris there was something else that fell out of that package....a bottle of Advil.............a real big bottle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just got back from Traverse City yesterday via South Haven and an early morning session at North Beach to end up a full 7 straight days of kiting, 10 of 12 since the package arrived.

Was in South Haven Wed. getting it good with Eroc, Jimbo, Bob, both Todds, Skip, Little E and Mike; NNW residual after all of the hammering WNW for days. The waves were a little over head high, smooth and sectioning out, providing many lip smacking opportunities. After the session Skip called my buddy Matt M. up in Traverse, he said it was ON for a SW gale the next day up at PT. Betsie. I said "let's go" and hit the road up North.

Pulled into TC about 10 oclock and the North buoy had already switched. Got up at dawn and drove with Rorke to Point Betsie, buoy reading SSW at 17-19. Showed up to sand blowing and the waves 4-6 and building rapidly. Absolutely blew my mind that it had switched that quick.

The beauty of Pt. Betsie was staggering, comparable to anywhere on the lake, and in the middle of nowhere with a drastically receeding shoreline after the lighthouse. Waves built to 10 ft. in no time and I got blown off my 9. Moved up the beach to Frankfort to set up behind the jetty, and it had picked up even more....rigged a 7m on short lines and hit it.

The waves were simply stunning. Emerald green water with the dunes towering over the coastline. My first tack out I jibed on a swell on the outside that turned into a double overhead throwing reeling wave that had me pinching myself. Three hours of outstanding riding had me saying "this just can't be", over and over again. There were about 8 kiters out, and the conditions exhausted everyone. There were no easy outs to the outside and if you went down you paid dearly.

Rorke had posted some pics of Frankfort and Pt. Betsie about 3 weeks ago, and it looked incredible. Well it is. Check it out if you get the chance, but remember to "check 'em" B4 heading out....it's a SERIOUS place.

I've got a black eye from my bar popping me in the face on a wipeout on a wave...my knees are sore from heading out and continuously jumping over 6 ft. of whitewater (these are dumping waves)....my forearms are aching from all of the bar-clenching in the 7-9m. conditions all week, my hands have callouses on every digit, and I have a hard time standing up, cause my legs are so damn tired from all of the bottom turns....but I got a SMILE as big as Texas on my face.

On this string of kiting days I've kited from Koshkonong to Kenosha, having 2 double session days at Kenosha-Waukegan on that ESE....kited MC several days with an evening session at South Haven after one of those days, and an evening sesson at Miller another, all on a WNW....got terrified at Miller one afternoon when "gale force" winds relinquished to "storm force" winds, gusting to 70, and putting the "fear" into you, leaving Greg and I to count our "lucky stars".....finally made it to the "promised land" up around Traverse City, and found out why it is so special on a SSW....and wound it all up with a relaxed 11m day at South Haven with bluebird skies and Blueberry Bob, sharing a Bell's afterwards and watching the winds shift offshore. How quickly 'ol Mother Michigan changes.

Woke up this morning and realized the rocks were still in my pocket and not in the "safe"....checked the readings and there it was, Waukegan at 18....out of nowhere.....hope I don't have to send the rocks back, but I gotta get some work done....on second thought I guess work can wait....not much you can do when summoned....just "cowboy up" and grab that bottle of Advil.

I don't know if you have looked at this weeks' forecast, but you better take a tent up to Sheboygan if you go. And a bottle of Advil....luckily Jerry sent me a big bottle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Eric A.
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Post by Eric A. » Sat Nov 01, 2008 11:58 am

Yeah Buddy!

Now THAT is what I call a good road trip. Keep shaking the rocks West.
Wish I could have been in TC with ya, but the drums were callin.
Great to get out for a few hours with ya.
Hope Mulligan is doing well.

I think I'm going to vote absentee cuz it's going to crank on election day.
Looking nice for next week.

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Post by Rorke » Sat Nov 01, 2008 2:51 pm

It was great having you up West! What a nice sunrise drive to Pt Betsie.
That is a serious place. I launched before West and tried to hold down a 16m. The sidehore breeze was WAY stronger on the water. After unintentionally unhooking, I was so lit, I let the bar go to allow the safety to do its thing.
I had a gear malfunction and had to let her go before I rounded the point. The kite probably ended up in the UP before sunset.
Serious place indeed. If anyone comes up, give me a call.

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Post by noabacca » Mon Nov 03, 2008 7:07 pm

Hmmm, I just drove back from the UP today along US-2, from M-77 to the bridge, I didn't see any kites, or even any illusions of washed up kites in the areas where I saw the water. I heard about your loss, so I was looking.

So, what sort of gear malfunction causes the kite to leave you?
Was there any sort of kill-line safety on your kite?

I'm baffled why some brands still don't offer/support a 0ne-line safety when it is time to ditch, like 5th-line, or the new SS through the bar.

Sorry about your loss Rorke.

Kites cost too much!, and my C-kites are irreplaceable!

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