Instructor Profiles.

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Instructor Profiles.

Post by skysurfr »

This is the spot to post instructor profiles and to find a local instructor.

Where do you teach?
Instructors that work under you:
Support for trainees: (jet ski or boat or ?)
equipment you teach with:
Certification type? IKO / PASA / Other / None
Incorporated? Y/N
Insured? Y/N
Season? Snow / Water / Both
equipment you sell:
contact info:

'07 Naish Thorn 144 Cape Doctor. Naish LocalTeam Rider. GoPro Cameras! 12M 10m 08 Naish Pivot's!

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Post by 4w7s »

Roberto Villate - Lessons in Muskegon MI
- other locations by special arrangement

-I am a full-time, year round, independant instructor and have also taught in the past for 8 other established IKO/PASA schools in TX, FL, MI, Thailand, and Viet Nam.

-PASA certified in 2004/Riding since 2000

-500+ lessons taught to date worldwide - 100% spot free safety record (no students hurt during lessons and no accidents reported from past students)

-Based in St. Pete FL (winter/spring) and Muskegon MI (summer/fall) - other locations by arrangement. (Have also provided lessons and specialized trips in the Bahamas, OBX, Costa Rica, Cape Cod/Nantucket, Ireland, and a few other spots)

- Primarily Kitesurfing lessons (but can provide snowkiting emphasis)
- Wave riding clinics for experienced riders

-Lessons taught with BEST Waroos and Kahoonas, SPLEENE boards, CORE kites and bars, DYNABAR spreader bars, DAKINE harnesses.

-Sales: Mostly BEST, SPLEENE, RRD, CORE, DAKINE, DYNABAR, , Various surf boards, and can order just about any brand item desired.

- I do not work for a shop and have no obligation to sell you anything other than what is optimal for each rider. All gear ordered on an individually tailored basis.

For full lesson details and information send an email request to me at: and then we can discuss any questions you may have.

Ride Safe!
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Post by snowball »

Henry Lazerow
Chicago Snowkiting

Where do you teach? Illinois-Wisconsin-Michigan (Mostly northern IL area) SNOW - WATER - LAND
Snow- Crystal lake, Lake Zurich, Elgin, etc. IL-Big Muskego WI-Other spots can be scheduled when conditions permit or for specific interests
Water-Big Muskego WI for training -Waukegan IL if conditions/skills permit
Instructors that work under you: Training is done one on one
Equipment you teach with: Best kiteboarding gear- Bow kites
Certification type? None 3 years background in snowboard instruction and Swim instruction/ been kiteboarding for 8 years. Grown up around water and teaching my entire life
Incorporated? No
Insured? Yes
Season? Snow / Water/ land training
Equipment you sell: We can order you all the top brands and also sell used equipment to match any budget. Boards, snowboards, kites, harnesses, wetsuits, Cabrinha, Best, Liquid Force, etc.
Contact info:

100% positive safety record (Never had a single client hurt and plan to keep it that way) Kiteboarding is a safe sport with proper instruction !!!

Reduced rates for group lessons

If you would like referrals please shoot me an email we would be more than happy to show you what our customers say about our quality of work and their satisfaction in our lessons.


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Post by jensmadwind »

Jens Hanson

Teach in southern WI (Madison surrounding area), Door County, and week long courses in Hatteras.

Snow and water lessons

Water lessons with Jet Ski support

I work for Bob Cook (owner) and we have 4 instructors total

We teach with Slingshot Rally's and Cabrinha Switchblades.

Certification: I have nothing on paper but have been through the PASA course and worked directly with one of the founding members of PASA.

I have worked for KiteRiders for the last 10 seasons and have worked at the KiteHouse in Florida twice during that time. I also gave Henry his first lesson.

Insured :yes
10 mph?

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Post by Cameltoeside »

Where do you teach? florida, great lakes, dominican republic

Instructors that work under you: 0 quality control

Support for trainees: (jet ski or boat or ?) none do not have a captains license

equipment you teach with: BEST-bang them up and they still fly great

Certification type? IKO level 2

Incorporated? Y

Insured? Y

Season? winter florida, spring/fall chiacgo area (occasional summer dominican republic)

equipment you sell: support south port rigging in kenosha and windward in chicago

contact info: or by phone 847 997 wind (9463)

other: have been kiting since 04 all year. i have been for fortunate enough to be able to travel to florida in the winter months and use this area as a jumping point to kite in many locations.

being an instructor is more than charging for your service, you are the one person that student will remember for ever, why make it a bad one or a waste of time.

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Post by hammer »

Where do you teach? Throughout Michigan, snowkiting on many inland lakes in SE MI and Lake St. Clair when conditions permit. Kiteboarding all over including but not limited to Lake Michigan, Lake St. Clair, Lake Erie, and especially Lake Huron/Tawas Bay where our waterfront shop is located. Tawas offers some of the best riding you'll find in Michigan and North America in my opinion. The inside of Tawas bay is shallow and flat like OBX.

Instructors that work under you: We bring in PASA certified instructors when we need the help.

Support for trainees: (jet ski or boat or ?) Boat support on Lake St. Clair, don't need it for Tawas.

Equipment you teach with: 2010 Liquid Force kites and boards ie: Envy, Havocs, Lowrider, WLF's, Proofs, LF & Protec helmets and CGA Vests by LF and Mystic Venoms and Razor Float Jackets

Certification type? PASA since 2004, riding since 2002. Ski and Snowboard instructor all ability levels.

Incorporated? Y

Insured? Y, legit.

Season? Both Snow and Water, year around stoke!

Equipment you sell: Liquid Force, Mystic, Hyperflex, HQ Kites, SOLO Paddlesurf, Liquid Force Apparel, NSI, Q Powerline.

Contact info: Mark Kuban
MCK: Kiteboarding Headquarters

Other: Waterfront shop location on Tawas Bay/Lake Huron, private beach for lessons, online store, free domestic shipping! SUP demo center, tours, instruction, and equipment.
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Post by Bob »

Robert Cook....Bob
608-358-0514 cell
608-273-1817 phone

1) Where do you teach?
Madison, WI and surrounding areas in the Midwest. Sheboygan on Lake Michigan and other big lake spots.
We also offer 2 week spring and 2 week fall riding and training trips to Hatteras (OBX) in North Carolina. This place rocks for learning, progressing and expert riding. The Madison area lakes offer you shallow/calmer water training in most wind directions. This can be huge for faster learning.

2) Instructors that work under you:
Jens Hanson, Karl Bzdusek, Craig Jefferds and Chris Dauck. All great guys who are very experienced and customer focused.
Our experience level is second to none and our locations make Madison, Wi. one of the best places to learn in the midwest.

3) Support for trainees:
*4 stroke Jet ski is used for training during certain skill levels. It can also be used to practice board skills behind the jet ski if there is no wind.
We also use it for learning how to ride foil boards when there is no wind.
*BBTalkin' communication system. ON THE FLY training. The student and trainer can communicate directly and immediately. We now have the ability to give proper instructions instantly even if the student is further away than

4) Equipment you teach with:
We use all the same current year gear so new rides are using the latest in safety systems for kites and current technology for boards.
Kites: Cabrinha, Slingshot, Blade, Liquid Force. Boards: Axis, Slingshot and Cabrinha. Ride Engine, NP Surf and Mystic harnesses. NP Surf Wet suits.
Foils: Slingshot, Axis, Cabrinha and Liquid Force.

5) Certification type?
I'm a level 3 certified ski instructor with PSIA and accredited through PMTS for ski teaching and head trainer for the Tyrol Basin Ski School. Through quite an exhaustive search for kiteboard certification I decided against IKO and PASA early on due to what seemed to be very unorganized organizations.
I personally wish kiteboarding had better certification companies, but they just are not there yet in my opinion. Well run certification is well worth it, but they are not providing their customers with best practices and best opportunities for instructors.

6) Incorporated?

7) Insured?

8)Season? Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.
All year. We train on the water and snow.

9) Equipment you sell:
Cabrinha, Slingshot, Blade, Liquid Force, Ozone and a few others. Axis, Slingshot and Cabrinha boards. Slingshot Foils along with Cabrinha, Axis and Liquid Force. Ride Engine, Mystic, Dakine and Cabrinha harnesses. NP Surf, Mystic, Ride Engine and Ocean Rodeo wet and dry suits.

10) Contact info:
608-358-0514 cell
608-273-1817 phone

11) Other:
There's a ton of great people in the Midwest area and even worldwide for you all to tap into when getting into this sport. Use us. That is what we are here for. At the same time, take your time and try to do things the right way. Take advice from riders who have been around for a while and we/they will steer you in the right direction, Hopefully...

Please support your local dealers if they are qualified and offer customer focused training, etc. If at all possible, do not buy your first water or snow kite on EBAY or Craigslist unless someone can vouch for it being a great product to buy. It's really tempting to buy a $200 or $300 kite, but oftentimes they are outdated, hard to ride for beginners and may be less safe due to outdated safety systems.

12) What others may not tell you.
a) Scheduling training sessions may be your biggest hurdle when learning due to Midwest winds and conditions being unpredictable. Patience is HUGE in this sport.
b) You will become addicted most likely. Be prepared for it to take over your life. LOL. It's a great addiction though and one to embrace when things are going well and yet to respect when things don't go well.
c) Every riding location have things that suck about it and things that are great. Get to know your lakes. Lake Michigan has it's own unique variables. Respect the lake and ask questions if riding on the big lake. Understand where to launch safely from local riders.
d) Ride with others and don't venture to lakes if no-one ever rides there unless you have the experience to judge the launches and landings. There's probably a good reason for it if no-one rides at a certain lake, etc.. Bad launches, too small, etc. etc.
e) Karma is huge. Be nice, help others and it will pay you back tenfold.
f) Beer for your trainers always helps.
g) Have fun and enjoy the rides.
madison, wi

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Post by Chris@sharkless »

Where do you teach? South Haven, MI Sharkless Boardsports Downtown
Instructors that work under you: 2 Full Time(Max Gorton aka Kite Manager, Ryan Mohney), 3 Part Time (Tommy Fields, Mike Merrill, Little E)
Support for trainees: (jet ski or boat or ?) Dingy Support
equipment you teach with: 2010 Naish Cults, and 2010 Slingshot Octanes
Certification type? IKO / PASA / Other / None PASA 2005
Incorporated? Y/N YEP
Insured? Y/N Y
Season? Snow / Water / Both Yep, Mostly Water though around 300 students a year
equipment you sell: Naish, Slingshot, Arush, and clothing, and flipflops, and wakeboards, and skimboards, and surfboards, and Skateboards, and Bikini's, and boardshorts, and Sunglasses.
contact info: 269-639-SURF (7873)
other: I can bowl a 120 average?

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Re: Instructor Profiles.

Post by Rorke »

Check out Lake Effect Kite in Leelanau County, MI.


Rorke and WindMill
847-773-5253 (LAKE)
IKO Certified Instructor
USCG Master 100T
USCG Approved Instructor/Examiner
Red Cross - First Aid / CPR Instructor

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Re: Instructor Profiles.

Post by Ripshade »

Where do you teach? Caribbean & Midwest
Instructors that work under you: Erika Lee
Support for trainees: (jet ski or boat or ?) Dependent on kite location
equipment you teach with: LEI kites
Been teaching since 2004 & IKO Certified since 2012
Incorporated? - Yes
Insured? - Yes
Season? Snow & Water
equipment you sell: Depends on what I have in stock.

contact info:
Ryan Hainey

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Re: Instructor Profiles.

Post by WaWaZat »

3ME Kite Sports

Where do you teach? Lower Lake Michigan area (also trips to other kite spots)
Instructors that work under you: (Various)
Equipment you teach with: (Various)
Certification type? IKO
Incorporated? Y
Season? Water, Snow and Land (buggy/landboard)
Equipment you sell: To name a few; Ozone, Royal, CrazyFly, Spleene, Flysurfer, HQ, Peter Lynn, Flexifoil, Mystic, NP, ULI Inflatable SUPs...
Contact info: Mike Szromba;; c 708.341.0003
Kiteboard Mike
3ME/WindyCity Kite Sports
Fully Stocked Shop, Demo Center & IKO Certified School

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Re: Instructor Profiles.

Post by Like To Kite »

Like To Kite with Amanda

Where do you teach? Chicago area, Oregon and many ideal kiting destinations around the USA and Worldwide.

Instructors that work under you: Most often it is myself teaching individualized one-on-one lessons for ultimate learning and progression.

Support for trainees: Boat support is generally not needed for the locations we choose.

Equipment you teach with: Top of the line, brand new Ozone Kites. Excellent selection of gear and accessories to suit a variety of students' needs.

Certification type? IKO Level 3 Instructor # 14253

Have also had the pleasure of training many instructors. In New Zealand was known as the “Grandma Instructor” for the many generations of instructors that I have taught. Unsure how I feel about that nickname! ;)

Incorporated? No

Insured? Yes

Season? Water / Snow / Land

Equipment you sell: Ozone, CrazyFly, Litewave, Mystic, Neil Pryde, etc.

Contact info:



My name is Amanda Weldy. I am a full time professional IKO level 3 kite instructor based seasonally in Chicago and Oregon. Chicago is my home town and I am back after years of traveling and teaching kiting overseas. My love for kiting began about 20 years ago, while teaching sailing and windsurfing, off the beaches for the Chicago Park District.

Sharing kiting with others is my passion as it brings so much joy into one’s life. I teach kiting on water, land, and snow and love the versatility of the sport and its multiple uses. My background as a professional sailing, ski, and snowboard instructor has been very beneficial while assisting students to get up and riding in a variety of conditions. I am also passionate about teaching mindfulness and staying in the present moment which makes our lessons rewarding on multiple levels.

As an official Ozone kite distributor, I am able to provide kites that are known for their safety, durability, and performance. Using top quality Ozone learning equipment appropriate for each student and the conditions each day, allows students to progress rapidly and with ease. Equipment demos are available and everyone is welcome to come and try out kites and boards with me.

I tend to start students on small fully functional kites with short lines to gain precision control without any fear of being overpowered. When kite skills are mastered, we move on to the same kite in a larger size which can be controlled with confidence, as kite skills have already been built. The importance of safety is emphasized through preparation, knowledge, and establishing good habits right from the start. Lessons are rewarding and fun at every level because students are appropriately challenged throughout the learning process.

Most of the lessons are conducted during super fun kite trips. We go to the best spots for learning and dedicate time just for kiting and getting to know more kiting friends. There are options to share rides and lodging and we all have a great time while progressing rapidly.

IKO cards are provided with lessons or we can set up a time for an IKO skill assessment. IKO Level 3N is required for riding at Montrose Beach in Chicago.

I look forward to having more kite buddies around Chicago that share a love for kite sports. Thank you so much and hope to see you out there soon!

Kiting Distributor & IKO Instructor
(541) 760-6495

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Re: Instructor Profiles.

Post by Flyintothesun »

Tiffany Forte
IKO Certifed Instructor -with two way radio headsets :D

Where do you teach? Chicago area and all around Lake Michigan wherever it is windy. I am most often in Indiana, Illinois and Michigan. I occasionally teach in Wisconsin. I also lead kiteboarding trips to various locations inside and outside of the country.

Instructors that work under you: None

Support for trainees: (jet ski or boat or ?) I have a boat, but don’t use it often in Lake Michigan only on occasion.

equipment you teach with: Core and Liquid Force LEI kites and Peter Lynn Foil kites

Certification type? IKO

Incorporated? Yes

Insured? Yes

Season? All year long on water, land and snow

equipment you sell: Everything needed to kiteboard or Kitesurf. Some of the brands include, but not limited to: CORE, Peter Lynn, Liquid Force, Hyperflex, Mystic, NP, Woo, Trace, BB talking headsets, rinse kits, Tricktionary

contact info:
Tiffany Forte, MSW
Stoke Riders Kiteboarding School
Facebook Messenger
Facebook Page: Stoke Riders
Instagram: Stoke Riders

Professional Organization Memberships:
Woman’s Kiteboarding Collective

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