Which Kiteboarding Camp?

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Re: Which Kiteboarding Camp?

Post by JEF » Wed Jun 08, 2011 9:05 pm

If an instructor has a problem with another instructor they should talk about it privately. Very unprofessional to call someone out on a board.

Lino Travels, north and south. Is he only allowed to teach in one spot?

Broneah, Teaches in several regions including michigan. Is that allowed?

Safe growth of the sport should be applaued not bitched about.

I wouldn't even know about tawas if it wasn't for Amanda.

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Re: Which Kiteboarding Camp?

Post by Misfit » Thu Jun 09, 2011 7:16 am

Did I really just read all of that?

Local Lessons

Bob at Kiteriders LLC - Awesome service. awesome follow up. Great deals on gear. Tons of local knowledge. Nicest guy you'd ever meet. Super talented staff Jens... Only local Pro instructor in the area (sorry Jens, you're a damn good rider and coach so i'm calling you a pro).

Lino - Great service. Goes where its windy. Great guy. PASA Cert. Sweet Windigo brand lifestyle apparel.

Amanda - Keeps the troops stoked with the trips to tawas. Ozone dealer. She's newer to the area but i've heard nothing but positives.

Sharkless - South haven crew. "brick and mortar" store. Knowledgeable staff. They eat, sleep, and breathe south haven.

OBX Lessons

REAL Watersports - Biggest store, pro staff, jetski fleet, condo, beaches, slider park, Mojo's cafe (taco tuesdays), surf, standup, style you'll see anywhere on the planet. Love those guys!

Personal note. I have personally been treated like absolute dogshit by Chris at Kitty Hawk Kites many many times. I lived on the OBX and became friends with local instructors (still am) from many kite schools in that area but for some reason, Chris just always treated me very very rude. I don't care for that kind of behavior so I cannot encourage anyone to take lessons with KHK.

Hope this helps,

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