February Kite Trip - Somewhere Warm?

Did your time away from the rat race serve you well? Don't hold out on the crew. Post the details so we can rent the room you trashed last week.

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February Kite Trip - Somewhere Warm?

Postby Bryce FLK » Fri Jan 04, 2013 3:22 pm

I was hoping to take a week trip somewhere this February. Anyone else have anything in the works or suggestions? Cheaper the better.

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Re: February Kite Trip - Somewhere Warm?

Postby Pier » Sun Jan 13, 2013 3:17 pm

You may want to consider SPI, dead season before Spring Break so it's going to be extremely cheap.

Not the highest prob. of good winds like the fall/early winter but still pretty good and the temperature is going to be anyway warm for someone living in Chicago (the air average statistic is 68F).

There won't be much to do on the island either.

SPI in Feb is just a though, there are many other better options in terms of wind probability but obviously more expensive.
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Re: February Kite Trip - Somewhere Warm?

Postby elnica » Sat Dec 28, 2013 9:45 pm

Ometepe island in Nicaragua is very cheap and wind is always there and always from the same direction. You cant beat the view either. On one tack you are looking at one volcano and on the other tack you are facing the other volcano. Lake Nicaragua acts as a 100 mile wide wind funnel for the Carribean trade winds. Huge lake so the wind is very steady. Even on "no wind days" there is always wind in the morning. Right now it is moderate winds or 13-25 knots, in February it will be strong winds up to 40 knots when there is a papagayo effect (large scale venturi). No booties or wetsuit are necessary but a shorty is nice to have. low of 70F high of 85 or 90F basically every day.

A couple of french girls just opened a kite school there called sun kite school. Their website is still under construction but they have a facebook page. Ive been there twice in the past two weeks and going again tomorrow morning for 4 nights. I made a video of my last trip, you can see it below. The road is paved all the way to the school so no need for a 4x4 even if you see dirt roads in the video, that was past the kite school. You can rent equipment there to avoid having to rent a car to haul your stuff. Having a car is more convenient of course and you can take it by ferry. You can also rent motorcycles and scooters on the island for 20-35 per day. I went around the volcano on a cross bike (motorcycle) and it was awesome!




Hotels range from 18 usd to 70 per night. With good ones at 30 bucks a night. No need for AC this time of year. Food is like 4 to 10 usd per meal. With 10 you get seafood and drinks. I would suggest staying at hotel xalli since that is where the kite school is. I havent been able to get a room there though, they are always full so book in advance.
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