Tawas Kite Trip June 13th-18th!

Did your time away from the rat race serve you well? Don't hold out on the crew. Post the details so we can rent the room you trashed last week.

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Tawas Kite Trip June 13th-18th!

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Tawas Kite Trip June 13th-18th!

A camping and kiting trip to Tawas, MI is on for June 13th-18th! Come hang and kite with us whatever your level, it would be great to have you there! I will be offering IKO certifications, lessons, coaching and occasional tips for anyone interested. IKO assessments are $50 with the option of upgrading to a lesson, if applicable. Please visit www.LikeToKite.com for more information and let me know as soon as possible, if you are interested.

Tawas is the perfect spot for learning and any level of riding. Flat and shallow water over a huge area with an option of waves when you choose to go out to them. This spot works in every wind direction because you can kite on both sides of the bay. Wind is more consistent at Tawas because it is thermal dependent. Please ignore the forecast - you have to know what to look for. If you see any warm/sunny conditions with any southerly flow, it is pretty much a sure thing! Some other conditions bring wind too. There have been so many times that the Chicago area had no wind and we got it good in Tawas.

Demo gear, when available and conditions permitting, is always complimentary. I have many Ozone Kites and the new Ozone Code Kiteboards. I’ll also be bringing my Ozone paraglider, rafts, outdoor games, etc. so we can all share in some more fun.

These trips are usually pretty inexpensive. We all bring some food, sometimes cook together, other times eat out and occasionally do our own thing. We will be camping at Tawas Point State Park which is right next to the kite spot. We split camping fees so it works out to be $10 per person per night. I already have some spots reserved. If you are interested in camping with us, please let me know which nights you would like to stay. Please book and pay in full early to reserve your spot. Priority given to those doing full length stays and/or lessons. If you are interested in lessons either side of the posted dates, we may arrange to stay a couple of extra nights.

There are also many vacation rentals and hotels, but please be aware that availability is very limited at these places during the summer season. There is also always the option to camp for free with no amenities at the nearby National Forest.

One more thing to know about is the Recreation Passport that is required at all Michigan State Parks. Out-of-state residents are required to purchase a $32 annual Motor Vehicle Permit, or $9 Daily permit. If you plan on visiting any other Michigan State Parks or coming to Tawas again, it may be worth buying the annual pass. You need the same pass at Little Sable Point and some other kite spots as well.

It is about a 6.5 drive from Chicago:

https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Chicago ... 540011!3e0

Ride sharing usually works out well. Some people only come for the weekend so there are different options depending on what your schedule is.

We’ve always had a magical time at Tawas. The kiting is incredible but it’s also the environment, scenery, nature, a multitude of activities and especially the comradery that make the trips so special and memorable. So glad to be going to back to Tawas again!

Here are some photos from one of our first trips there:

https://chicagokitesurfing.com/kiteboar ... =12&t=9181

It’s great to be back again in the Midwest for the summer! It’s such a pleasure sharing the joy of kiting with others and getting more people into the sport. I currently have openings throughout the season for kiting instruction and IKO skill assessments, so please do let your friends know about these options, if they are interested. Hope you can make it to Tawas in June, it would be great to have you there! Looking forward to meeting your friends for a lesson too. Thanks so much!
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