Northern Michigan

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Northern Michigan

Postby Rorke » Fri Jul 07, 2006 9:02 am

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know of some really cool places that I just went. Maybe you have been there, maybe not.

Last Friday, I drove up to Traverse City where my brother and my bud were taking lessons with Broneah (Saturday/Sunday camp). On my way up I hit this place Point Betsie. Holy smokes, it was honking! I was scoping it out trying to figure out how to self launch from the rocky shoreline (if I had bags, I would have used them).
Then I got a call from my wife's cousin who lives in Empire about twenty minutes away. She was working on lodging which was tough to come across because it was Cherry Fest and Independence day. She said just to go kite at Empire beach and she wanted to meet up with me.
What a beautiful beach at Empire! Huge dunes and even some cliffs are to the north and south. It was like California. The breeze was so nice, a little lighter than at Pt. Betsie.
You know what is so weet about going to MI? The time change gives you an extra hour, but also you're so dang far west on the time zone that it is light until 10. I lanched my 16m and had my first sunset session. Epic experience. I guess I've been out for sunsets, but not one over the water.
We ended up camping on this guy's land for the night in Glen Arbor, which worked out very well.
The next day was the first day of lessons. I was just along for the ride so I could get to Broneah's beach, which is really unlike any beach I’ve been to on the Great Lakes. I've circumnavigated Lake Michigan, Huron, Georgian Bay, North Channel, and much of Superior; and this is one of the best spots I've been to.
The water was upper 70's, flat, and 20-24kts. It was really hard for me to keep my edge with a 12 up. I ride a 130 WLF by liquid force. It is a good beginner board but really tough to edge because of its width. The lessons were great. These guys have every size kite imaginable, so it was a very nice progression for the students. The body dragging looked great, and 4 of the 8 were getting little mini 3 stroke rides in on the boards later. Then when we were loading up the vans it sprinkled, once we got in, it rained pretty hard. Great timing.
That night was beautiful. We should have camped, but instead we got too hammered to drive at this killer brewery, then caught the end of the Cherry Fest carnival at about 11. After all this we slept on the floors in a retail shop in the middle of town. The next day we got skunked on wind, so I went for a jog and a mountain bike ride. The guys just went wakeboarding and played frisbee in the endless 2' deep water.
That night my bro and I went to Northern Lake Huron. THAT IS ALL I’M ALLOWED TO SAY ABOUT THIS. MY WIFE JUST MADE ME DELETE 4 PARAGRAPHS ABOUT WHERE WE WENT SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO KEEP HER PLACE A SECRET. In all honesty, she showed it to me so I gotta listen to her. If you have specific questions, PM me.
Let’s just say, I’m going back twice in August. Furthermore, I put in for a job transfer to Traverse City. Wish me luck.
Pics will be posted after my next trip up there.
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