Checked board bag Real World Experience

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Checked board bag Real World Experience

Postby BigWaveDave » Thu Oct 19, 2006 10:06 pm

My board will not fit into the NSI deceiver golf bag so what bags if any can I get to carry my gear on the plane without a surcharge.

Please recommend some bags that you have gotton to check without paying extra.

I was considering the NSI Travel bag (not the golf bag looking one) with wheels or the Dakine Airwagon bag.



PS Anyone going on the Mackite South Padre Trip?
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Postby V » Wed Nov 01, 2006 11:37 am

With all due respect, if your board doesn't fit, you should go somewhere windier where you don't need such a long board. I think most bags will hold a 155cm board no problem. I had a 157cm when I started kiting and it fit in everything. But I now realize a 157cm fro travel is unnecessary. If you really need to take a long board, get a windsurfing bag, or a snowboard bag that's longer, and wrap your board in foam padding to protect it. I have a NSI regular bag too, and it is longer than the deceiver, but not by much...

Nowadays, I am considering having a custom bag made that barely holds a 130cm. I have searched online and called some places and can't find anything shorter than 150-160cm. No need to take anything longer than 130-135cm and am thinking about calling NSI and DaKine and Prolimit and giving them an earful for these huge bags that no one in kiteboarding needs. They are all too long, in my opinion. The NSI deceiver bag can hold a long board, but a 140 is all that fits due to the stupid zipper design.
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