Training Kite - 4 Line or 2 Line?

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Training Kite - 4 Line or 2 Line?

Postby dannyboy » Tue Feb 10, 2004 9:25 am

I just got my first taste of kiteboarding in Puerto Morlaes Mexico with some great instruction from the fine folks at Ikarus Kiteboarding and I'm hooked! So now as a first step I'm looking to pick up a training kite.

My question is should I go with a 4 line kite such as Flexifoil Bullet 1.5m 4-Line AT Foil Kite or is a two line kite such as the Slingshot B2 sufficent? Any advantages to using a 4 line trainer kite to better approximate the experience of a full kite?

Thanks for any help or reccomendations....
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Postby V » Tue Feb 10, 2004 12:07 pm

No real advantages, but if you already got trained, why not save the hundred bucks and put it toward a regular kite?

The B2 is fine for learning kite control. Heck, any kite that is set up on a bar system is fine. Once you know kite control, the rest is being able to control power and balance while on the board moving.

Maybe you should get like a 12m or something, a smaller kite for use in higher winds on the water, but a kite you can learn with on land in light winds for now, until you're good enough to go out in higher winds.

That way, you can learn on a real kite, it won't be too crazy in terms of power, and when you get better, you can use it in higher winds?

Otherwise, any training kite will work...
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