toeside forward loop back to toeside

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toeside forward loop back to toeside

Postby V » Wed Nov 24, 2004 3:48 pm

Got a little free time on my hands...

I've found these relatively easy to pick up. Riding toeside, I slowly bring the kite up to either 10 or 2 o'clock. I then lean as I pull the bar in and pull on the back hand right next to the chicken loop rope (I always jump and ride with my hands at the center of the bar now...if you're learning, get used to this early). The moment I leave the water, the kite seems to be behind me and I get good pull right away even though the kite was high. I imediately throw my body forward for the forward rotation and as I rotate, I switch hands and start pulling with the forward hand (the opposite hand always).

By the time the kite comes back around, I am facing forward and the kite's pull seems to straighten me out no problem. I land to toeside heading a bit downwind and continue pulling ont he front hand diving the kite so I land with speed and just smoothly lean back toeside and ride away. I find it the easiest to initiate this jump using only the back hand so I can use my forward arm/hand to help lean more and edge against the ktie just before throwing my bodyweight forward for the rotation.
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