Thu - good day

Kitesurfing or snowkiting...if the wind's blowin'...where you goin?

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Thu - good day

Postby slavman » Thu Jun 24, 2010 9:57 pm

No, not kiting. But it was still good. South east marginal but steady wind, which is completely off shore at Montrose. What do you do - you go SUPing and longboard windsurfing. Since I got a SUP my water time has tripled or quadripled. With the same SUP board you stand up paddle, prone paddle or in the conditions like today you add 7.5m supper light sail and you get away from all these crowds and noise and craziness. And you can do all these things in one session. And you have a reason to get out on the water on beautiful days like today. And it doesn't have to be for long - in one hour you can do all these things at the end of hard working day.
With the off shore conditions and gentle wind like today the water is glassy and you don't have to be an expert windsurfer to do your stuff. You can spend 2 hours gliding back and forth effortlessly (good to have a harness - kitesurfing one will work). SUP - you think it's boring - paddling back and forth - just see the SUP instructional DVD to see how to freestyle on the SUP - that is so much fun. Not that I consider myself an expert, but I did have a chance to spend some time on SUP - it keeps you fit, keeps you stoked and the most important think - you can kite with SUP! On those marginal days when the kite would fly, but you can't get on the plane even on the surfboard - SUP is a good option!
The same board for SUPing and longboard windgliding - one 7.5m sail, boom and mast all fit in your car. You take it on the weekend trips on the other side of the lake so when you don't hit a wind jack pot you still feel that the day was good. I love coming back from the kite adventure in Michigan or Miller to hit either Casino or Whiting for a wave SUP session.
Before I got a SUP board I was not sure where I would store it. It turned out that I can fit even a 12'6 footer in my small second story condo (bedroom turned into the boardroom).
If anyone is interested in some info about SUP, what to get etc, or even try one of my 3 boards - feel free to ask. But do consider buying one with the mast/sail option - this will give you so much fun. Also if anyone is interested in 12'6 starboard cruiser - I am trying to make my boardroom less congested.
See you on the water, tomorrow may bring something from the south.
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Postby rxaxy » Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:22 pm

You just did't get it before it was gone. Nice sun rise session at miller today. On the water before 6,rode till about 7 then off to work. Best way to wake up in my book. :D
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