Humbled by the Big Lake 10/19-20

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Humbled by the Big Lake 10/19-20

Postby West » Fri Oct 21, 2011 11:09 am

Searched up and down the lake for ridable conditions the last several days with the Crowdpleaser (Palatine Greg, uh I mean Maui Greg) Boygs as it was starting to blast from the N on wednesday, Bob, Dan and Jeff from Fond du Lac got it early when it was managable, and had a good time; we launched and kited with Bob and his buddy (John) from Osh Kosh; watched the waves build from shoulder high to bout head and a half in an hour's time and ripped it up.....waves were nice and starting to break out by the lighthouse, but during our second session the wind increased to over 50 and they began to get blown down and closed out, tho still "baby-ass smooth"..........had a survival sesh with Sheriff and Greg......windiest conditions I have ever kited.....Sheriff on a 5m, Greg and I beyond lit on 7's............hoped for it to stay N and back off the next day, but to no avail, it turned too Westerly so we headed for the Bottom!! How hard it was to leave the beautiful waves that had formed during the evening......... :cry:

Miller was out of control when we got there bout 3 Thursday......too massive and too much N push in the waves for any type of order........wind direction was good but just toooooo much water moving, and wayyyyy tooo close together.....Ivo, Andrew, Greg and I kited for several hours and searched for some ridable peaks, but it was treacherous......we all made it back safely and hit 3 Floyds on the way home, just glad to be in one piece, and stoked to be sharing stories at our favorite Pub!!

Thanks to Sheriff and Pena for the "run of the mill" HOSPITALITY they roll out there for us in Shesablowin', Mahalo Mexican food I have ever put in my mouth at Jose's Taqueria in Boygan.....OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!! Spotted cows and Staghorns toasting the wind....... :wink:

Lake Michigan 2 Kiteboarders 0............................give it up to the Big Lake, as windy and as gnarly as I have ever seen her: maybe next time we will find the "jewel" conditions!!
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Re: Humbled by the Big Lake 10/19-20

Postby Rorke » Fri Oct 21, 2011 12:33 pm

Thursday was wild up here.

Dennis, Farly, Sunset, and I downwindered from the tip of Leelanau to Leeland.

27 in the lulls to 45? in the gusts. But it was pretty steady in the upper 30's. Waves were head and a half high which was PLENTY big! Also, the wave direction was at time 40 degrees off the wind. It was actual swell.

Dennis was on his 6m strapped killing it. Farly was fully depowered on a 7m and a Stretch Trow board (tiny surf stick, like a mutant). Sunset was on an 8m fully depowered and a twintip.

I was on my 9m riding against my stopper for much of the trip. Strapless was probably not the call. There were times that I was caught in speedlock with the kite at the zenith, initially riding down the wave, then in the glass ahead of the wave.
Lowering the kite was not possible. The board was chattering and skipping underfoot while I was being pulled upward. So there were times that my feet were tapdancing while the board was out of the water; just for seconds, but it was tough.

For the most part, the only waves that I rode were the ones that were impossible to ride over or outrun. I was just trying to make it to Leeland to get behind the jetty and kiss the beach.
For those who know Leland, let's put it this way, it may have been possible to ride a swell over the breakwall.

There was a lot of luck involved. There is no way I'll ride those conditions with that same set up. Maybe with a 6/7m and straps.

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Re: Humbled by the Big Lake 10/19-20

Postby rjajr » Fri Oct 21, 2011 12:57 pm

West was nice to bump into you and Greg in Sheboygan, thanks for the Spotted Cow. I will confirm an amazing time was had by us from about 2-4 at the honey hole. Was a bit over lit on my 8m by the end as the wind just continued to build and build. But each wave made it harder and harder to end the session, was really comfy and happy on my 134 Freeride thanks for that. Slicing though the shore break on the way out, never pearling, turning so nice and smooth down the line and allowing me to hold down a very lit up kite. I can imagine your evening session got to be a bit crazy when I looked at the wind report the next day. Was amazed to see the damage caused down in the Chicago area on the news Thursday evening...sad but it shows you the power of the big lake. And for the record (John) = Robert buddy, you will get that straight sooner or later. :)

The Oshkosh Crew was all hoping for the wind to stay North for Thursday but mother nature just did not cooperate and it clocked Northwest. So we stopped in Fond du Lac and kited the bottom end of Winnebago. Was a good session but we were spoiled for waves after the good times had in Sheboygan on Wednesday. Hoping for more days on the big lake yet this fall. Next time we provide the coldies!

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Re: Humbled by the Big Lake 10/19-20

Postby West » Fri Oct 21, 2011 8:54 pm

Glad you boyz had fun, I was very impressed with how the both of you handled the conditions......was thinking it might not be John, nice to know it was Rob, easy for me to remember now, thanks!! good with faces, takes me a bit with names........hope to ride again with you guys this fall.

Great crew you got up there Rorke....tell 'em all I said catching up with you guys the first week of November, I got a feeling that the wind will be crankin' hard SSW about then.....just a hunch!! :wink: (let's just say a little birdie told me).................
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Re: Humbled by the Big Lake 10/19-20

Postby Northerner » Sun Oct 23, 2011 2:01 pm

Yea West that was a crazy blow for sure. That was the windiest conditions I have ever rode in sheboygan. Hard to believe I was riding that 5 depowered and I still at times was getting pulled off the wave face when I'd catch a nice one with my surf board. Gald we got few nice clean waves though, you and I both know we would have hit pay dirt if the wind wasn't pushing the waves down tuesday afternoon.

I really wish on Wed that wind was north and you and greg could have ridden the magic behind the jetty that you have once seen and written about. After school I went down and checked out the waves and the surfers. I always say there are 6 days a year that being a surfer in Sheboygan is all time. Wed with the clean waves and off shore winds was one of them. I saw guys on short boards getting long rides in head to head and half waves. To breezy to stand up, so I just stood on shore and cursed the wind direction.
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Re: Humbled by the Big Lake 10/19-20

Postby schuss8899 » Sun Oct 23, 2011 3:15 pm

Its never a pleasurable journey when the toes are playing 'tippy-tap' on the glass. On the other hand, it does give one a feeling Jesus must have felt on occasion.
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