Whihala Beach question

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Whihala Beach question

Post by sailfish » Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:40 pm

I see whihala beach (casino beach) on the where to ride info link from the main page listed as an option, but I haven't seen anyone post on the forum about riding there in the recent past. It's less of a drive for me so I'm interested, but far enough that it's not easy to stop and check out. Would anyone be up for writing a brief personal review?
Also, is it challenging if you don't have a lot of experience?

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Re: Whihala Beach question

Post by skysurfr » Mon Oct 24, 2011 11:14 pm

WIlhala...aka..Casino to kiteboarders but maybe not to surfers who call it Horseshoe....

It is challenging as the beach can be fairly narrow when the wind and waves come up. The beach is backed by trees, sharp dune grass, parking lots, and powerlines.

The launch is sometimes a narrow lane from under the trees on a path leading to the water. Closer to the CAsino, the beach is wider, but full of crap and the wind is obstructed by the casino and piers.

Once out on the water, the riding is fine. The waves are enjoyable.

There is some sort of pipe just under the water which you should be able to see easily. Don't get to close to the cement thing as well.

I'd call this an intermediate location due to the narrow beach and potential to drop your kite in the dune grass, trees, and sticks.


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Re: Whihala Beach question

Post by FSP » Tue Oct 25, 2011 5:49 pm

As many obstacles as there are, and as Mike said, the waves are spaced out and organized and the currents are minimal, which makes the water conditions fantastic. As for the launches, I have seen a number of intermediates manage to make this their main beach ONLY by following the lead of the more advanced. This would mean, using their advice for what kite and conditions to launch you in. For landing its not a problem if you down your kite in the water on the long stretch down from the pump structure. Have proper flotation on to make the swim in, but that is the way to do it solo.

Hope is we continue to develop a regular crew that can help each other with launches/landings and come in on the waves in order to ride these precious gems when they show. FYI---The fun in wave riding and way not to cause a tangle at "The Shoe" is to get in line with those heading in towards the pier and prepare to swing all the way left (downwind) one after to sync with wave. Let the first guy swing left then your turn and dont go before him!!! Otherwise if one were to go out of turn that person would cut all the others off causing a collision or stop to the fun. This is the beauty of "The Shoe" (North end of Wihala beach-next to the casino)

Dont shy away but come learn the ins and outs!

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Re: Whihala Beach question

Post by Safe_Cracker » Tue Oct 25, 2011 7:19 pm

Ya ask how many experienced riders put their kites in those trees lol. Don't shy away, check it out but always use your gut feeling and be safe!

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