1/1/12 Miller

Kitesurfing or snowkiting...if the wind's blowin'...where you goin?

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1/1/12 Miller

Postby dewsy » Sun Jan 01, 2012 11:01 am

Ill be there in about an hour 15.. I'm kiting today more out of principle.. Probably for no longer than an hour or so..

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Re: 1/1/12 Miller

Postby Pier » Sun Jan 01, 2012 7:27 pm

This morning I woke up and was wondering if it would have been too cold for kiting... :idea: let's go and see it!

I got to Lake St around noon and it looked like this:


Unreal, 41F and sunny, cranking WNW at 30+ knots, Dewsy was already in the parking lot.

I rigged my 6m on short lines and 50% depower: it was perfect! We rode for less than half an hour then Dewsy left and I decided to call it for the day because the conditions were not "ideal" for a solo session.

When I was about to leave but still with my wetsuit on John Strapless showed up (sorry, I don't know your name on the forum) and I decided to go back in the water but by the time we got ready it started nuking above 40, snowing a little and getting colder quick...fu&#!

This winter is giving a lot to the kiting community this year, thanks!
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