Granite Peak, WI Review

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Granite Peak, WI Review

Postby Dutchkiteboarder » Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:30 am

This past weekend my wife and I and some friends took the drive up to Wausau Wisconsin to hit the slopes of Granite Peak in Wisconsin. With over, according to their website, 70 slopes it was a fun trip to do. Especially if you are looking for something else to beat Alpine Valley and Wilmont Mountain.

It took about 4.5 hours to get up to Wausau Wisconsin in starting snow conditions. If you do the trip with a couple of friends share the gas and have a good time in the car it feels a bit shorter to get up there. We stayed in a Days Inn about 10 minutes away from the slopes.
Prices for the slope:
$30 for an evening pass (4pm - 9pm)
$60 for a full day pass (9am - 9pm)
$58 for a day pass (9am - 4pm)

The prices are really better than the prices of Alpine Valley or Wilmont were you pay $45 for a day pass and the runs take less then 5 seconds. Still Granite Peak are not the Alps or the mountains in Colorado but if you are looking for a fun get away for the weekend. It took us the Friday evening and all day Saturday get all the runs done. For the park freaks, there is really plenty of stuff. 3 full runs dedicated to the park freaks.

At the bottom of the slopes is a nice chalet were you can warm up at the fireplace and get something to eat and a nice cold one if you are looking for a beer. The whole weekend it took about 10 seconds max at the lifts to go back up on the slopes again and even tho the parking lot was full it didn't feel like it was over crowded like you get sometimes at Alpine Valley and Wilmont Mountain.

- Big
- lots of runs
- good maintained runs
- lots of parks for the park freaks
- lots of runs for beginners as well

- 5 hours from Chicago
Not many cons besides a far drive.
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