Aruba March 2012

Did your time away from the rat race serve you well? Don't hold out on the crew. Post the details so we can rent the room you trashed last week.

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Aruba March 2012

Postby rmanecke » Tue Apr 03, 2012 2:24 pm

Did a family vacation at the Marriot Aruba Surf club. Five hour nonstop on United. I rented a timeshare there. Nice kitchen and plenty of room for my family of five. The kitesurfing beach just HAPPENS to be a five minute walk. It worked well for a combined family vacation. The kids had plenty to do and no one seemed to miss me when I snuck away for a couple of hours here and there and non kiting vacationers had plenty of fun doing other stuff.

Regarding the kiting... it was crowded near shore, and gusty off shore winds by the time you get out of the crowds (10 to 30 mph). Also, brutal chop from the boats and a wall of windsurfers who make a game out of forcing you back down wind when you try to come in. No worries though.... check in with the guys at the kite shack, they watch you closely and come pick you up for 20 bucks if you get way out there and too tired to come back in. Just put the kite down, let go of the bar, and they will be there in five minutes. They were very freindly, kept a close eye on me, and knew my routine right away. (Rides 1 to 4:30... gets tired and wants pickup). Pretty emerald green and blue water with sea turtles, excursion boats, and plenty of stuff to look at while riding around.

Not a place for a novice, unless you are taking lessons. Otherwise - a solid family spring break trip.
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