136 wake Broboard, comp bottom

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136 wake Broboard, comp bottom

Postby Northerner » Sat Jul 28, 2012 9:30 am

We have a Demo 132 hybrid and 136 wake in Sheboygan this season. Both have been under alot of riders feet with positive feed back on both.

For my size 185lb and style I have found the Bro wake series to be the best fit for me. Last year I raved about the 138 demo, we had with two locals buying that board and I went with the 134 wake.

After riding the 136 for a few weeks I wanted to share some feedback from me and the sheboygan local crew. The 136 has a lot of surface area for its size making it a board that doesn't need a ton of power but can still handle it. People have enjoyed the boards ability to keep'um lit when the wind is lighting up. Of course the sq tail gives great pop and accounts for all the extra surface area giving great planing abilities.

Yesterday was a great day of testament for me and the 136. I went out first on my 142 underground an older board of mine that is a favorite. As the wind picked up so did the chop and I rode for an hour in it. It has a flat rocker line giving great upwind and lighter wind performance but at a cost. When I came to shore I felt something that surprised me. Severe Knee pain right below the knee cap. This is something I never experience and it was bad. All from an hour of bashing chop when not up against the pier. Collin was on the 136 and came in with a big smile after getting another trick under his belt. I grabbed the board and rode back up to the pier without the effects of the chop. The simple fact is the Bro board does not give you a beating in the knee regardless of the model. The wind started to get holey as the evening came and the board allowed me to keep my plane while other where struggling from time to time. I own the 134 and the 136 does have more low end for sure but not the size of the 138 making it easier to get under foot.

The comp bottom makes the board much losser than the regular concave, which is nice in the waves when setting up for turns. Last thing worth mentioning is the highly positive reaction everyone has to the straps and pads on the Bro board. Great comfort and hold.
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