Summertime South...the 5 day blow

Kitesurfing or snowkiting...if the wind's blowin'...where you goin?

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Re: Summertime South...the 5 day blow

Postby Northerner » Sun Aug 26, 2012 2:54 pm

Thanks for the report Eric, sounds like LSP was the place to be for this one.

We scored 5 days in a row here though the last two where weak for the forecast, but rideable.

Friday the clouds rolled though in the morning and killed the wind until 2ish. Then is was good 12-14 meter for 2-3 hours. It looked like that little cloudy front headed up to the northern part of the lake and killed besties big forecast

Yesterday we had wind in the morning and early afternoon, most on 13-14 meter kites in very smooth and flat conditions. Wind died and then came back up around 4ish. I would say yesterday was the first time this year that the Sheboygan pattern of taking a 10-15 forecast and turning it to 18-25 went bust. Pretty much everything I like to see was in place.
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Re: Summertime South...the 5 day blow

Postby FSP » Sun Aug 26, 2012 9:48 pm

Eric A. wrote:Mi just rules for kiting....hands down...nothing better.....absolutely nothing

Heeeeyy buddy you mean MI, IL, IN and WI right? While I cant muster such a drive, MI is some sick country side and top notch riding fo sure but whereva ur at on this lake there is prolly one day, one week or even one month its going off at ur local beach over any of the others which makes it incredibly diverse, unique and overall windy!! That said looking forward to seeing you from a bottom turn in ur hood on those ultra clean head hi october southwesters only southhaven does so well.
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Re: Summertime South...the 5 day blow

Postby Eric A. » Mon Aug 27, 2012 10:48 am

Let's just say the great lakes are hands down the best,
Seriously guys......we have it so good many options in the great lakes.....and so many more undiscovered locations just waiting to be found.

So to recap.......the great lakes area is the place to be.......the best hands down.

I'm just in love with our conditions here....after traveling out to what many feel is Mecca for wind sports.....the gorge....believe me it's killer often....but there is just something special and completely unique about not seeing the other side the lake....moonrise and sunset sessions....butter...reeling waves....sugar sand...300 foot sand dunes and then some....and everythingninnbetween....there are no train tracks to visible hi ways on either boulders to climb up and down to get to the launch.

Had a killer timeout west.....such a killer place to ride and a great wind culture there........BUT

I guess what I'm trying to say is it's just really nice to be back home riding where others come to vacation....we live here...we ride and explore it all and share our stories........and most importantly we are blessed to have this in such a short drive.....relatively speaking for some.

Much love and nuff respec for the great lakes!
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Re: Summertime South...the 5 day blow

Postby Eric A. » Mon Aug 27, 2012 10:52 am

Oh....and let's not forget that our water is multiple hues of blue and can see to the bottom .......the water feels good and even tastes good when you take some down the hatch........

That is not the case in good old HR. water is brown.....stinky and feels a tad slimy when you get done.....but flipping windy as hell.
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Re: Summertime South...the 5 day blow

Postby alarmclock71 » Mon Aug 27, 2012 11:51 am

It was my first time in Sheboygan last Saturday and I love the place. Not only for the beach, the lake and fairly close proximity (2hrs) from my house, but for the hospitality the Northerner sported to the new comers. Thanks. Next time, I will bring some zywiec polish beer we talked about. Nice meeting you Andy. The wind lasted for me only for one hour or so of kiting - less than I was hoping for, but If I did not waited long enough for the resurgence after 4pm. And thanks to Mario's wife for sharing her plans for Sheboygan and joining the crew there :-) Otherwise, these memories would not be mine.
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Re: Summertime South...the 5 day blow

Postby West » Mon Aug 27, 2012 5:04 pm

What a familiar sight as I saw the lighthouse come around the bend, and by then we were lit on 9's once again...the last of our downwinders to finish up an incredible several days of running the shoreline in and around the Mecca, picking our spots to get the most of the thermalling activity. Blue skies, warm waters, and a continuous Southerly flow gave us the magic recipe; a little rattle, rattle of the rocks and PRESTO, the bro downwinders were flowing like Two Hearted, smooooooth and golden; :wink: and when we pulled into the Shack after the last run, a quick drizzle began to lightly fall as the wind shifted to the west; the 5 day southerly flow graciously relented to the slowly approaching front.........

Smoked Salmon from Fruitvale, summer vegetables from the local farmers' market, Blueberry Bob's 50th in style, Eroc jammin' the tunes to the frolic-some crowd at Wally's; a waxing moon shimmering on the water in the SUP's wake as we paddled down from Stoney with Kuau running the beach at dusk, ridgeline hikes at dawn through the forests that rise above the dunes, swimming in the crystal clear waters with the "sugar" sand all around; campside fires along the stream, kingfishers singing their songs, an afternoon nap in the hammock, listening to the great white pine dancing in the midnight winds, the hoot of an owl before the sun began the WARMING.......and yes we logged the miles downwinding on 9m's, bout 60 as the crow flies, and well over a hundred and fitty as the BRO flies; many slashes, turns, jumps, and spins and a whole lotta of hollering, grinning and hand slapping with Big T and Jimbo; but like always there is MUCH more to the kiting trips than just the kiting, and that's what makes 'em so damn special.........PURE MICHIGAN!!!!!!! 8)

Glad that others got in some kiting as well...missed the Sheriff and Ivo, next time boyz...... and Eroc you got it all right bout the beauty of Michigan and all it offers; tho as Scotty "chimed in", Consin, Indi, and Illy got a little bit of lovin' from Ol Mother Michigan as well........Long Live Da Big Lake!!!!!! And don't sneeze yet, I sense another blow on the heels of the other......running on that weekly bout Nirvana, Rorke? I got some special cider for you buddy.........
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