2011 Airush Vapor X 10m

If you got some new digs, thinkin its gonna help your kiting step-up to the next level, blow out your used gear here and watch that grom shred harder than you on your old kite.

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2011 Airush Vapor X 10m

Postby stheis » Sat Sep 08, 2012 9:54 pm

2011 Airush Vapor X 10m kite for sale, $650, kite only. It's definitely a "strong" 10m, I thought it felt more like a 11 or 12. Kite has only been used 3x's and really feels like literally just been unwrapped, It came from a spoiled pro rider who barely rode it. This just isn't what I'm looking for in a kite as I'm doing almost all wave sessions nowdays. It is super crispy! The only thing about the kite is one tiny piece of sailtape on canopy less than 1 inch that doesn't and will not affect it in any way and is hardly noticeable and some of the white is just a tad water stained, and I hesitate to even mention that because it really is in like new condition. This is a great bow/sle kite and holds air perfect and is one pump. (Also, this will be shipped from Hawaii first class, I'll get it out asap, but still may take a day or two extra.) Here is what Airush has to say...


The Airush Vapor X is a serious all rounder - waves, wakestyle or freestyle - it's awesome.

The 2011 Airush Vapor X is a kite designed to provide boundless freedom and exhilaration on the water, the 2011 Vapor X emerges as the definitive kite for an unmatched kiting experience. True to the high performance attributes of the Vapor III, the Vapor X adds 4-line simplicity; increased lift characteristics, and more parked power to the proven Vapor platform.

With an all-new canopy profile designed for fast turning speed, wake style pop and all terrain fun, the Vapor X is a new generation kite bred for high performance kiteboarding, while remaining intuitive and easy to use. Offering limitless possibilities on the water, the Airush Vapor X compels every rider to take their riding to the next level.

Increased lift and hang time
Fast turning and increased response
Added stability
Increased parked power
Wake style pop depower performance
Rollover relaunch
Wide wind range
Insane kite loops
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