Chicago Kiteboard Lessons/IKO Certifications

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Chicago Kiteboard Lessons/IKO Certifications

Postby WaWaZat » Thu Oct 04, 2012 1:34 am

Chicago Kiteboard Lessons/IKO Certifications

Ladies and gentleman, while we can never replace our lovely & charming Amanda while she is on leave touring the other side of the planet, we can certainly pick up where she left off! I would like to introduce to you a new instructor in town...
Marilys Lacroix Samson
Level 2 IKO Instructor

Marilys actually worked with Amanda instructing in Miami last Spring and came with us on our last Tawas trip this summer to pick up the extra student load we had. Aside from also being lovely & charming, Marilys is outgoing, dynamic and very positive & open minded! And look out guys... she's a heck out a kiteboarder too!! Being French Canadian, she is multilingual and can get herself out of trouble in Spanish. As mentioned above, she is an IKO level 2 instructor and is trained in First Aid and CPR.

I will be helping her book lessons and for those looking to obtain a certification card to kite our own home turf, Montrose... IKO certifications. We will also put together some cert days like Amanda did before she set off.

I have run in to many beginners on the beach this year. Many haven't yet learned the 1st thing about safety. Putting up a big, powerful kite without any type of guidance can be extremely intimidating... not to mention dangerous. For those just starting out, you really should understand what to do to keep yourself and the others around you safe. A good instructor will show you details on how to keep things from going wrong as well as how to react and what procedures to carry out when they do. You will practice these things in your lesson so they will begin to become second nature, allowing you to respond and carry these things out effectively when necessary. A kiteboard instructor will give you an understanding of the wind and how to harness it properly, as it applies to this sport. Also, an instructor can save you so much time and frustration by showing and correcting your techniques. This will help you become an independent rider much, much sooner!

For those interested in more info and rates, please contact me. I look forward to seeing you off to a flying start!!

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cell/text: 708.341.0003
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Re: Chicago Kiteboard Lessons/IKO Certifications

Postby Like To Kite » Thu Oct 04, 2012 2:41 am

Hope everyone is doing great! I miss all of my USA kiting buddies.

I am in Beijing, China at the moment enjoying the Autumn National Holiday here. Living and traveling around the Maldives has been an amazing experience so far, quite an adventure! Just returned from an incredible kite trip to Sri Lanka. Flat water spot with wind everyday, beautiful landscape and very friendly people. Here are some Sri Lanka photos if you would like to take a look: ... 633595701/

If anyone is interested in doing any international trips, please let me know. We'll definitely be going back to Sri Lanka probably next summer as I've worked out an arrangement with excellent deals for us through Kitesurfing Lanka. Other awesome locations are in the works as well!

Back around Chicago and the USA, best friends Mike from 3ME Kite Sports and Mary are taking great care of everyone's kiting needs. Lessons, kite trips, and full stock of gear available through them. I've worked with Mike for years and taught kiting with Mary. They are both competent, trustworthy, knowledgeable, reliable and great friendly people. Mary will be arriving in Chicago in a few days and will be teaching lessons and also doing IKO certifications! I know it's getting really cold in your neck of the woods and Mike has a full stock of gear suitable for keeping you toasty in the cold weather. Also, the new 2013 Ozones & CrazyFlys are coming in! So - 15% off on all 2012 Ozone water kites left in stock. There are really good deals on a few Royal kites left; 20%-35% off! Mike and Mary are also going to SPI in November and would love to have you there!

Please contact Mike at or at 708-341-0003 for lessons, gear or trip information. He'd love to hear from you!

I have a new Skype unlimited phone number. Please feel free to give me a call at 773-672-3210 anytime. Please be sure to leave a voicemail if I don't pick up so that I may return your call. Also please feel free to send a Facebook request to make it easier to keep in touch, I have the black and white portrait pic. Hope to hear from you soon, it would be great to hear how you are doing! Thanks so much and talk soon!
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