10/4/12 - Thursday in west Michigan

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Re: 10/4/12 - Thursday in west Michigan

Postby zulutimer » Fri Oct 05, 2012 7:26 pm

Mystic...the expensive high load one. Any other recomendations?
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Re: 10/4/12 - Thursday in west Michigan

Postby Kevin » Fri Oct 05, 2012 10:05 pm

Wow that sucks Paul. I love my Cabrinha leashes but can't say I know what kind of load they can handle. I swear a leash used to come with all new kites but now it seems like they don't?

And chiming in on Scotty's post, his words were not harsh, they were spot on. It bears repeating that Wolf is absolutely not not a beginner spot. If you're not ready make the drive to one of Lake Michigan's wide sandy beaches.
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Re: 10/4/12 - Thursday in west Michigan

Postby 4w7s » Fri Oct 05, 2012 10:28 pm

Part of the problem is that one caribiner can look like another, although it's strength rating/quality can be drastically inferior.
The other problem is that most kite leashes have the hook sewn into the webbing so it's hard to interchanege a better one without some handy work.

You could make your own leash (or retrofit your exisiting leash) using a marine grade or climbing grade caribiner...Wichard is one example of high quality marine grade caribiner that is rated for over 1000# but they cost over $20 retail each, so that's probably why the kite companies have cheap knock-offs made in China to sell on their leashes.

I prefer a direct connect at the harness and a caribiner clip to the kite end. I also prefer a short leash (about 24" max) connected to the front of the harness/spreader bar - I don't do any handlepass stuff so I don't need or care for a lng leash - and myy current control bar system allows for mini-fifth line at the chicken loop. The leash length depends somewhat on where you attach the leash to your harness and to the kite...I've seen people with leashes that are unnecessarily long, and some that are too short (which pulls on the line it is attahced to whenn it should have zero tension).
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Re: 10/4/12 - Thursday in west Michigan

Postby West » Sun Oct 07, 2012 9:33 am

Funny shiz Tom, had me rollin........yeah, the wind was a crankin' the sand ablowin' and the shoreline a zippin' by with the blur of turning trees in the background.....the Mecca delivered in fine fashion....dwndrs, sunny skies, smoked whitefish, and a truckload of bros!!!!!!!! 8) Campfires by the streamside, waning moon rising, cool night temps, and wind, wind, wind!!!!!

Caught the NW at Muskegon, and ripped it next to the pier, in between the piers and then headed down to Grand Haven to the changing of the seasons, what a glorious sight it was to see the bright colors of the leaves dancing in the wind along the beach..........buckle up cause it is that time of the year for the southerly gales.....oh myyyyyy, looks like one on the way now........hanky alert, 40 knots and 12 ft heading up Ol Mother Michigan!!!!!

Make sure to keep track of your Wolf mishaps, cause kiting there is like being a cat and having nine lives, experienced or not; a tight spot, with limited bail-out options, plenty of obstructions and gusty winds...........keep it safe and happy kiting!!!!!!
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