Any contacts for a cottage for rent in MI

Did your time away from the rat race serve you well? Don't hold out on the crew. Post the details so we can rent the room you trashed last week.

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Any contacts for a cottage for rent in MI

Postby Bryce FLK » Thu Mar 14, 2013 8:58 am

Looking for a cottage to rent on/near Lake Michigan preferably in Michigan for memorial day weekend. Its going to be 2 kiters, 6 others and 2 dogs. Looking to maximize our chances of wind so location can be anywhere up or down the coast. Hoping to get some trainers in the air too so the less crowded the better.

Does anyone have any suggestions of places you own, know of, or stayed before?

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Re: Any contacts for a cottage for rent in MI

Postby West » Mon Mar 18, 2013 10:02 am

My wife's family has been renting a cottage for a week the last several years in the Holland area. We take two dogs and bout a dozen folks, the house we normally rent has been sold and will not become a rental. We are going to rent in the LSP area this year.

That being said, you have two criterion to meet there.......Memorial Day Weekend, and Dog friendly (make sure to disclose the dogs, or else the penalty cold be substantial!!) With those conditions you had better lock something up ASAP buddy, cause most everything rents far in advance on the holidays. I would tend to want to stay lower on the lake that time of the year so that you could kite a N or NE if it comes thru, but the closer you stay to chicago the more in demand the houses...

I would contact V, he has been renting a house with kiter buddies the last several holidays. Good luck :)
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