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Postby FSP » Tue May 28, 2013 8:41 pm

For those that trusted my calls to the MC shores last summer, scored lots of amazing summer therms, even many times when no other beach was blowing! As witnessed, by the trusty crew that formed, sessions were often 4 to 6 foot waves with unbelievable sunsets and post matey/shoreline after party that even I could not keep up with.

I take the summers off to be stationed on the beach with family catching every potentially windy hour, either kiting, surfing, or suping and want to grow those good times, by inviting you to pm me to be in the loop. I can then send out a group text (that the forcast wont-haa) when the conditions go off. And, since many of us are also into surfing and sup surfing, will keep your fins in the water on that front too.

Hope to organize more downwinders around the pier, to the pier and over the pier, surf ssessions, bonfires, drugs, sex, rock and roll.
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Postby mrgrey » Wed May 29, 2013 7:30 am

I was witness to the madness and scored often at Scottys beach. Glad you are a hoosier again.. The rest of the Indiana crew has been awaiting the return of MCs NE thermals. MMmmmm.. warm water, thermal madness, and tons of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.... and by that I mean sex=kiting, drugs=hangtime, rock and roll=Wawazat. Lookin forward to shortys, sunsetting while moon rising, and babes all along the beach. Let the fun begin!!
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