!!! waukeegan problemo !!!

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!!! waukeegan problemo !!!

Postby FSP » Sun Sep 29, 2013 10:36 am

ok, Saturday was a glorious day none the less, however, it is very important for anyone who is just learning in the water or not aware of how to properly launch or land a kite to set-up DOWNWIND of others!!!

Its been common now to see the most inexperienced now setting up at the pier and losing control of a launch or obliviously swinging their kite around in the water upwind of everyone AT THE BUSY SHORELINE. Yesterday we had 2 in particular with kites rolling around feet away from kids and sunbathers on towels, luckily stopping short of another roll into those people. Dont have your buddy who does not get to the beach much land your kiteby grabbing a wing tip!

I am sure many of these new kitesurfers have not had lessons and having a go, BUT do it down wind of everyone! One guys response was, I am going down wind anyway. TRUE, but means you are not in control of your riding and therfor do your downwind thing on the other side of everyone. Another guy could not get his kite to launch in substantial wind, as it would flop and roll around. GREAT, but do this kind of experimenting down wind!

Simple message: If your not staying up wind and properly able to launch then save an accident by launching and learning DOWNWIND of others!!!

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Re: !!! waukeegan problemo !!!

Postby WaWaZat » Sun Sep 29, 2013 1:38 pm

Man I hate to hear this kind of stuff. We heard a story around the campfire last night from one of our very own who very unexpectedly got bonked in the head by one of these newb kites while landing his own! Unsafe shizz for everyone involved.
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Re: !!! waukeegan problemo !!!

Postby snowball » Sun Sep 29, 2013 3:47 pm

A older guy was there with a homemade board leash. I legit told him no take it off, it can bounce back at you and hurt you. He was a nice guy but his response sorry I do not like lose my board. Later that day I saw him on atv buggy, I believe broken leg. Don't know if it was from leash but either way. Unless it is a reel style leash (even then I would not recommend) but anything else is a no no. Hope he is OK either way.

Lessons are really mandatory whether you take them from us or in MI or WI, IN, etc. plenty of good instructors in area. Any instructor would have taught to not use a non-retractable rope leash thus preventing a broken leg.

Medical bills are more expensive than lessons people !!!
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Re: !!! waukeegan problemo !!!

Postby kitekid21 » Sun Sep 29, 2013 5:18 pm

People tend to prefer to learn lessons the hard way. Even telling people that it isn't safe just pisses them off, because they won't admit that they're not competent or seem to be of the opinion that if someone gets hurt, it was their fault because they're in the way. Self-policing, again, as always. It's especially harder to do this because we're the younger guys out there... but we'll do what we can. :?
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Re: !!! waukeegan problemo !!!

Postby FSP » Sun Sep 29, 2013 9:52 pm

A lesson can only go so far and most will forget alot of the intro anyway or they have to practice---understandable, BUTTTTT it should not be this hard to have common sense no matter if u had instruction or not! It looks more likely to me about self righteous types that dont feel they should have to bow to anyone..as if there beach too? Well, its not your beach when your constantly pistol happy with a kite that can mow down the beach! I went face to face with the one guy to where he was so inconsiderate it seemed we could have brawled, so I dont know if these guys are even capable of relating.

Being an international sport,and all speaking different languages, this makes it hard to express the issue, SO if this is happening and one speaks out; everyone else who understands the problem should come to back it. Drop what ur doing and surely a combined effort will get the concern across, and not personal, cuz rigging, chillin or kiting just sucks around these crazy people.

On a good note, it was pretty amazing, as in one point of the day, when a mix of intermediates,and waukeegan semi pros all came in sync... everyone in magical coordination, just jamming thru- raising and lowering kites for hours.
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Re: !!! waukeegan problemo !!!

Postby Kevin » Mon Sep 30, 2013 1:19 pm

My comment is with these issues here and Montrose, group self-policing is so key. Like Mike (WaWazat) mentioned earlier when he had to chase down an offender at Montrose, he asked if his kiter comrades would back him up.

I say if you see something that needs an intervention, ask the sane kiters around you if they agree, and tell the offender "Hey, WE all think you should stop attacking children with your kite, etc" - much stronger than "I think..." Very unlikely someone's going to defy a whole group of fellow kiters, at least I'd hope.

It sucks but we have to continue to fight these battles ourselves to keep everyone safe and preserve our access.

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Re: !!! waukeegan problemo !!!

Postby Jimbo » Mon Sep 30, 2013 6:21 pm

Experienced kiters have every right to throw any kiter off the the beach or tell them to go somewhere else if in their opinion they are not safe to the general public! I have done this many times at Keegs and will continue to do so. :!: We call this a Citizens arrest in order to save another from danger!!! It is important to police ourselves and jackoffs will not be tolerated.
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Re: !!! waukeegan problemo !!!

Postby tyedye » Mon Sep 30, 2013 11:02 pm

I guess that answers my question about the ambulance that passed me by after I left the parking lot. I had just saved his board with the homemade 10 foot rope leash and red foam attachment probably right after you told him to take it off. Who knows if he put it back on again after I told him I'd leave his board on the beach for him. Once he relaunched his kite and started body dragging back to shore, I walked back up the beach but should've taken his leash with me.
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