Anybody got a 5 line bar willing to Sell it.

If you got some new digs, thinkin its gonna help your kiting step-up to the next level, blow out your used gear here and watch that grom shred harder than you on your old kite.

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Anybody got a 5 line bar willing to Sell it.

Postby Artem » Fri Dec 30, 2005 12:52 pm

I need a 5 line bar with lines or without lines. I would like one to be around 80-110 usd range if anybody is willing to sell there bar PM me. Thanks :D
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Postby iCrider2 » Sat Dec 31, 2005 2:24 am

you probably won't find a used 5 line bar in that price range...and remember...if you get it w/o lines...the lines will cost you alot.

if you do find one used...make sure you learn how to tune out of tune bar will cause MUCH frustration.

Postby D_Clark » Mon Jan 02, 2006 12:50 am

buyer beware, a 5 line bar in your desired price range will be heavly used. Most likely the lines will be shot and need to be replaced. My Naish Shift bar is needs new lines after one season of heavy use. So keep that in mind.

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Bar w/5th line

Postby RGH » Sun Jan 08, 2006 1:38 am

I have some leftover 2005 (new) Flexifoil CBX50 carbon bars w/5th line for $249 while they last! 05 Demo's for $210.
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