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For warm-water kitesurfing training, we recommend Kitesurf PuertoRico by far!

Kitesurfing School in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. School, IKO, Wakeboarding, Windsurfing, etc.

Kiteboard Australia – Australian kitesurfing community forum, gallery and links.

Other Resources

CAD CAM Forum – This CAD CAM Forum website has a CAD CAM Software Messageboard to ask questions about the right CAM Software to machine molds to build custom kiteboards that may be shaped from molds machined on CNC machines. If you’re looking to get into a production environment to build kiteboards from molds, learn about CAD CAM Software here at the CAD CAM software message board.

CAD CAM Software – We have used the Esprit CAD CAM Software to machine a couple small tester boards with the help of a local machine shop that was good enough to lend us their manufacturing equipment.

Wichard Shackles – Wichard Shackles with the large bail and lever release work really well for those that switch to shackled-in riding.

Sail Makers List – Listing of Sail Makers by location.