Kiteboarding on the Beach

Here’s some modifications to the mountainboard made to help riding on soft sand by fitting it with larger tires. When you’re on the beach, you need to stay above the sand, or your tires will dig in forcing the board to stop abruptly, but you won’t!

This shot is of the axle showing its longer to give extra clearance from the axles turning as the board is leaned over to turn or resist the kite. The larger tires are not only wider, but larger in diameter, so extra clearance is required to keep the tire from rubbing against the mountainboard frame.

The axle is shown in closer view. The orange egg-shocks can also be seen in this view inside each spring in the suspension of the board. The egg shocks help dampen the ride additionally. The kite will pull hard compared to normal mountainboard riding, so the egg shocks help reduce the “loose” ride the rider feels without them. There is a huge difference between riding with, and without the egg shocks. Only takes about 15 minutes to insert them with the proper tools (a small allen wrench).

The spindles screw over the existing axle, allowing for the larger tire to be added. The larger tire’s inner diameter for the axle is 5/8, so it fits perfectly over the axle. The axle has a set screw which can be seen in the middle of the wider area, but its kinda tough to see. With four larger tires, the footprint is larger distributing the weight over a greater area, preventing the board from sinking as low in the sand, and less resistance – allowing the rider to ride in softer sand.